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Billionaires of Moments

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All of us are fascinated with the lists that Forbes comes up with. Newspapers splash it across the front pages. TV channels run exclusive interviews based on it. It is the topic of many a water-cooler conversation at the work place.

When it comes to money, we are not born equal. Some of us own private islands and jets, whereas some could barely afford two square meals every day. Yet, most of us dream about reaching those dizzying heights of affluence. Or at least daydream about it.

But have we ever stopped to wonder about what those fabulously rich people will take with them to their graves?

What does anybody take to their graves, really?

This was the premise for the talk given by Lakshmi Pratury , which for me was the most important take-away from TEDxBLR.

She spoke about how we all are fascinated by “billionaires”. And how we define them.

We define billionaires in terms of their financial assets, or “billionaires of dollars”. But given that there are so many inequalities of opportunities, it does not do justice to the rest of the humans to give this group an exclusive status. We need to have a fairer definition of “rich people”. A definition which gives everybody an equal opportunity to be called a “billionaire”.

And all that is required for us to arrive at that new definition is to change one word – from “dollars” to “moments”.

Life is not the number of breaths that you take, but the number of moments that take your breath away.

At the end of a life, what he or she takes away from it all are those unforgettable moments.

What if we all decided to be greedy about collecting these moments, instead of money? Wouldn’t our lives be richer, fuller and more satisfying in that case?

Could we collect a billion such moments? Is it possible?

Turns out, it is quite a task to be a billionaire of moments. If each and every second, of each and every hour, of each and every day, of each and every year of your life were a moment worth remembering, even in that case it would take you 31+ years to be a billionaire of moments.

Which is why Lakshmi suggested a system to collect these “points”.

If you share a moment with someone which makes the other person happy, then the number of moments that s/he collected in his lifetime, counts towards your total too.

Simple? Hell yes!

Effective? You bet!

I am on my way to become a billionaire. Are you? 🙂