World domination

You know when you feel like you want the world in the palm of your hand? When you are bored with the mundane? The ordinary? The everyday? The forgettable? When you want to change the world, leave behind a legacy, or just be famous?

When you want more from your life than just a paycheck? Or a “do waqt ki roti”? or even world peace? or Megan Fox?

When you want to leave your footprints on the sands of time?

What do you do then?

Some people drink to lessen the pain. Some drink to forget. Some give up in frustration. Some give in to temptation.

Some quit their jobs without much of a backup plan. (Or maybe it was just me.)

After quitting my job, I went on a reading frenzy. Trying to find people like me. Or rather, other crazy people like me. From all across the globe. From all walks of life.

Thankfully for my sanity, I found them. In fact, I was surprised by their numbers. Some, even crazier than me. But more or less, everyone of them seemed to have hit upon the solution to the problem that seemed unique to me, but was actually common to us all. They were happy. They were unique. They were… following their hearts.

There is Michael Bungay Stanier, who urges you do stop doing “good work”, and have more FUN, and start doing GREAT work. Then there is Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, who teaches you to simplify, and hence improve, your life. There are of course many many more from whom I derived inspiration, and courage, from- Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Derek Sivers, Cal Newport and even an example closer home, the Doolally fellows.

But by far the craziest of them all would have to be Chris Guillebeau. Apart from being a genuinely nice fellow, the fact that his personal goals include visiting EACH and EVERY country in the world, puts him in my all-time-favourite people list straightaway! So far he has covered 122 out of 192 countries in the world. His blog “The Art of Non-conformity” is about “unconventional strategies for life, work and travel”. He writes about “how to change the world by achieving significant, personal goals while helping others at the same time.”

In his free ebook, A BRIEF GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION, he outlines his basic philosophy. In short –

  1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.
  2. If you don’t decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will probably end up deciding for you.
  3. There is usually more than one way to accomplish something.
  4. You can do good things for yourself and help other people at the same time.

In order to get you started, he asks 2 deceptively simple questions –

  1. What do you really want to get out of life?
  2. What can you offer the world that no one else can?

I have not been able to answer these to my satisfaction yet.

Can you?


15 Responses to “World domination”

  1. Thank you for making my day with such a fun trackback! I’ll look forward to seeing you somewhere on the world journey.


  2. Very interesting thoughts here. And congratulations that the person whom you admire graced you by posting a comment on your blog!

    • Those thoughts are very well articulated by the people I have mentioned. I can only take credit for aggregating them.
      And I know! I did say he was a cool guy!

  3. **Some** quit their jobs without much of a backup plan.

  4. nice one samudra! i wish i could quit my job and embark on travels too, and I cant believe Chris actually replied to you! I love his blog.

  5. Amazing post!!! I agree with the thoughts!

    Regarding your question, I have been able to figure out both to quite an extent… now applying it and happy… though i have a long way to go… let’s see 🙂

  6. Your post resonates. You are not alone in leaving your job without a backup plan, I’ve done that three times now, and yes have done some figuring out to the questions you’ve asked :).

  7. I have been able to answer the first question to a certain extent. Second one still remains a riddle. Love this post though. But, how do you find the resources for all your escapades? 🙂

    • Congrats on the first answer! About the second one… I think its just a matter of time.
      And what escapades are you talking about? If u are talking about my biking trips, then they are not very expensive. Infact, u would be surprised how cheap it turns out to be.

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