Na’vi and Naxals : Does Pandora (in Avatar) parallel India?

Avatar (2009)


I finally joined the legions of fans that James Cameron has picked up. I do not have any new words to describe “Avatar”, so I will repeat whatever others have said about it – marvellous, path breaking, jaw dropping, epic, yada yada.

But I could not help but draw parallels between what was happenning in the movie to the Na’vi, to what is happenning to the Naxals.

In the movie, the Na’vi are sitting on top of huge reserves of “Unobtainium”. Here, it is minerals.

In the movie, a big corporation tries to push out the Na’vi from their homes. Here, it is the government and big corporations (in their corrupt forms).

In the movie, the Na’vi use bows and arrows and spears. Here, the Adivasis use the same.

In the movie, the “civilized people” bring the heavy artillery, including air strikes and ground troops. Here, it is Chidambaram.

In the movie, the “civilized people” believe they are “developing” the Na’vi. Here it is all of us right leaning people.

In the movie, the Na’vi live in perfect harmony with nature. Here, the Adivasis depend on it for their survival.

I used to be firmly in the “development is good” camp. After watching Avatar, I am not so sure anymore. Are we becoming blind to reality, as soon as we take off the 3D glasses?


6 Responses to “Na’vi and Naxals : Does Pandora (in Avatar) parallel India?”

  1. Whozyour..... Says:

    Unfortunately, the history of our civilization has shown time and again that ‘development’ as it is perceived is majorly economic. And economic development has always come by marginalizing some section of society. The Incas wiped out by the Spanish, the Indians massacred by New age settlers and most recently, Congo, by the electronics industry (the Coltan fiasco)

  2. Both Naavis and Adivasis have one thing in common : They want a Nature’s Balance πŸ™‚

    And in case you are doing DEVELOPMENT of ANY kind you might have your own interests for the future πŸ™‚

  3. im glad that u were one of the few who saw the hidden meaning of ‘avatar’… isn’t it an irony that technological advancement through the flm was necessary for people to go and wath the film, and perhaps get the ‘real’ idea of what is happening the world in 3rd world countries like India? also check a similar post on this:
    at the same time, i hope u are reading my updates from the ‘real’ Na’vi place πŸ™‚

  4. Came here through Tanushree’s blog.. good one..
    I am a fan of this movie as well.. πŸ™‚

    And I agree with your thoughts.. wrote something similar to this..
    I do hope that the message of this movie gets inside people.

    As we speak the very atrocities are happening and we cannot do nuts about it.. 😦

    Anyway.. will be back..

    • If you want to do something about it, you could get in touch with Priyanka Borpujari (the one who commented above you).
      She recently returned from Naxal affected areas, and has written extensively on the subject.

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