The Luckiest Day of My Life

So I was cruising the absolutely fantastic ghats coming down from Munnar, Kerala. The scenery was so fantastic, it could make you stop and stare. The roads were so brilliant, you could die and your biking heaven would be right there. The weather so pleasant because of the rains, you wished to stay there forever.

And thats when it happenned.

Fingers moving? Check.

Toes moving? Check.

Arms moving? Check.

Legs moving? Check.

Able to open eyes? Check.

Anything wet anywhere? No.

Woohoo!! I am alive!! I think.

Someone removed my helmet.

Someone gave me water.

The driver of the Tata Sumo did not come out of the car for 10 minutes. Someone later told me he was praying that I was alive.

After I stood up, I looked at myself through the horribly scratched helmet visor. My gloves were torn. My raincoat was torn at many places, exposing the protective elbow and knee pads below, which were themselves badly scraped.

My bike had a bent handlebar, amongst the many bent things. The headlight visor, the headlight housing and footrests were amongst the broken parts. It  must have had taken some bouncing around, judging by the scratches and bends on both the sides.

I tried to recall what had happened. Of course, it had been mostly my mistake. I was cruising down smoothly, must have been doing around 50 (around 10-15 more than I should have) , when I saw the Sumo coming right in the middle of the road. I braked hard, and my rear tyre skidded to the right. And then it caught on something, and I was flying through the air. Landed head first. Straight on to the path of the oncoming car. The driver had hit the brakes by this time, and I only went and hit the slowing car. And bounced off it, to go straight into the guard rail at the edge of the road.

I think it sounds worse than it was. Or maybe not.

Why do I still consider myself lucky?

Because if the guard rail had not been there, I would have fallen some 150 – 200 feet down the steep cliff.

Because if the driver had not slowed down his vehicle, I might have been run over.

Because if I had not been wearing my helmet, I would have had a very pretty face. At least.

Because if I had not been wearing the protective pads, I would have had at least a couple of broken limbs.

I just hope I do not have to be this lucky again. 🙂


14 Responses to “The Luckiest Day of My Life”

  1. Farting Pen Says:

    That was lucky. Really. Which bike were you on? How long and far did you travel? where did you start? Where did it end?

    • I rode an RTR, and my friend rode his pulsar.

      We did 3050 kms in all. After the accident, due to the shock to my leg, I thought it best to rest a bit, while he went onwards to Rameshwaram from Madurai, and then rejoined me at Bangalore.

      Pune – Goa – Jog falls – Shimoga – Ooty – Coimbatore – Munnar – Madurai – Bangalore – Kolhapur – Pune.

  2. Farting Pen Says:

    Guess I’ll read your previous post now.

  3. Very Lucky !
    I have similar story to share ! But this time we ( Me and Nishant ) were in front of the Mannat( Yes That Khan’s Bunglow nearby our college) having facedsimilar situation !

    Season was same – Rainy ! It was first day of first half in college ! Road was very slippy and that time Band Stand was in news several times due to such accidents !

    (Luckily !) We survived ! Nishant having serious injury in his left palm and me having scratches in my Right palm ! You might be aware of the pace of vehicles on that road ! But we survived , and became a puppets of a road show for some crowd of 40-50 people for a while !

    • Are you talking about Redkar? Or some other Nishant from your batch?
      Yes, the crowd is pretty quick to gather around such incidents. Useless. But sometimes, they can be very helpful too.

  4. dude….really lucky to be alive man! U doin okay?

    • Yea dude… I am fine… I rode around 1700 kms after the accident, so I am sure everythings fine.
      Now if only I can keep this from my parents… 😛

  5. u didnt go all the way upto kanyakumari? n me happy that u returned whole.

    • Nah re.. we didnt have time. The other guy had not quit his job 😛
      And I didnt go to Rameshwaram as I felt it would be better to give my knee some rest.

  6. Oh samudra…. you’re really are lucky…how did ur mom react to this!

  7. you are a lucky man…Congrats

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