Humans as Corporations

In today’s “Corporate Dossier” supplement, I found this small piece dealing with “change”, tucked away on the 3rd page. It ends with “10 questions that leaders must ask of themselves and their organizations – questions that speak to the challenges of change at a moment when change is the name of the game. The leaders with the best answers win.”

The questions got me thinking. How similar (or different) are people and corporations?

To be successful as either, they should have a drive to be the number 1 in their respective fields. Both have to provide some service (labour) or have some product (knowledge) that the market must be willing to pay money for. Both take quite a lot of pains to find and maintain strategic partnerships. Both want to leave legacies behind. Both want to live longer. Both worry about the future. Both take steps to ensure their survival. Both (or atleast many of both kinds) are afraid of change.

So would it be possible to manage one’s life, as one would manage a corporation?

If you were managing the corporation “You, Inc.”, how would you answer these following questions? (I have modified a few words to make them relevant for people)

  1. Do you see opportunities the competition doesn’t see?
  2. Do you have new ideas about where to get new ideas from?
  3. Are you the most of anything?
  4. If YOUr company went out of business tomorrow, who would miss you and why?
  5. Have you figured out how YOUR organisation’s history can help to shape its future?
  6. Can your customers employers live without you?
  7. Do you treat different customers people differently?
  8. Are you getting the best contributions from the most people?
  9. Are you consistent in your commitment to change?
  10. Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?

Would love to hear your answers in the comments.


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