Science (noun)

The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.

Is what is being consumed by the masses in schools and colleges around the country, “science”?

I was recently at the science and technology museum in Bangalore. It has some pretty cool stuff! As, I am sure, does almost all the other science and tech museums around the country, set up by the Govt to boost “scientific attitude”. Cool math.  Hyperbolas being formed. Coriolis jets. Aerodynamics principles. Engineering marvels. Mechanics. Conics. Sonics. All in live action.

What was missing, was the “scientific attitude”. It was more of a playground, for kids and parents alike. Absolutely no one was interested in any of the plaques describing the science behind the phenomenon. Throughout the 30 minutes I was there, all I heard was “Abbe button daba … yeh ball upar jaata hai” at the aerodynamics section explaning the concepts of lift or “Abbe handle tej ghoomayega toh paani girega” at the Coriolis jets giving a really simple explanation of Coriolis effect.

I could find extremely simple explanations for every simple “why” that I could think of! There was such a wealth of scientific fundas at hand at that place, I wanted to go around telling everybody about them! Really!

I did try that at the Coriolis jets.

Cleared out the section in 15 seconds.


2 Responses to “Science”

  1. yep. science is about explanations …. simple explanations. When it dazzles and defuddles … its not fulfilling its true role. To explain, to elucidate, to make clear.

    simple verbal explanations work … and then even more power comes in when you apply some basic mathematics. Then understanding truly takes off!

    loved science in high school … less so at college.

  2. Hey… don’t u think its more like a video game for them? And if the general population had a scientific attitude, our “why’s” would be better used.

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