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You might be in India…

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… if the educated elite think they are better than China, simply because we have a democracy, and they don’t.

I respect Gurcharan Das. No, I really do! But it pains me to see educated, obviously intelligent people deluding themselves based on fallacious arguments! In an article in the Times Of India, “Why the future belongs to India”, he agrees with his mother’s understanding of the argument, and why most Indians would not trade their beloved “democracy” for development the “China way”.

Her argument against the reasoning that the “China way” would result in a whole generation of poor people coming into the middle class around 20 years sooner? “We have waited 3,000 years for this moment. Why don’t we wait another twenty and do it the Indian way?” I kid you not.

I am sure the poor who are starving and dying of hunger, everyday, agree with you, Mr. Das. The consolation for the destitute being the fact that every five years, they will be able to sell their votes for a few days of food and drink. In the meantime of course, they are supposed to entertain themselves by procreating, dooming themselves and their offspring by way of their own fecundity.

… if the people pat themselves on their back, for finding solutions to solve the problems created by the Government. Or the lack of it.

India is a great country. Indians are great. Most of them are resourceful, sneaky and very smart little bastards. The others die a slow, painful death. And as always, all this chalta hai.

The survivors survive because of their ability to save their own skin. And of course, their ability to get what they need.The Government doesn’t provide you security? Build a wall around your property and hire a private security firm! (Don’t forget to pat yourself for providing employment oppurtunities!) No electricity for 10 hours a day? Buy a generator! (Pat yourself for sustaining the generator manufacturing and petrol industry!) The public education system sucks? Spend upto a third of your salary to send your kids to a private school! (Imagine how many teachers you are helping to employ!) And then another third to send them to “classes”! (How many more!! Pat pat pat!!) Horrible roads? Take the longer detour, while cursing the govt! Cant find a bride because the sex ratio in your state is skewed up beyond repair? Buy a bride from another state, and then share her with your brothers! I am sure this multi-crore business has not been impacted by the recession.

… if the implementing “reservations” is all that the HRD ministry can think of doing, in order to improve the education system.

The number of students who come to India has actually been going down: according to government figures, in 1990/91, there were over 12,765; last year there were 7,745! (By contrast, the increase in 2004 in the number of foreign students studying in China was three times the total number of foreign students that came to India: China hosted 141,087 foreign students in 2005.) …while Dubai, Singapore, Australia, to say nothing of distant US, etc. are positioning themselves as education hubs, we remain mired in that bog — the HRD Ministry.

– Arun Shourie (Learning to shield our academic excellence)

The number of foreign students coming in to study can be used as a more or less accurate barometer for the standards of our education system. Unlike most of us, who dont have the option of shelling out big bucks to go and study at a foeign university, these students have some options at least.

This is not only true for graduate students. I dont have statistics for the number of reseachers and scientists who have gone over to other countries, not only to be able to have a better quality of life, but also to be able to do the research they want. But I am sure they will be following this pattern too.

The ministry supposedly in charge of improving the quality of Human Resource in the country is however very very busy doing other important things. e.g. such as ensuring that 62 people more people get into IIMA every year, based on which family they were born into.

… if the General elections of the country, which will determine who gets to screw us over for the next 5 years, are watched with almost as much interest as a cricket tournament.

Only in India.


“Love broadcaster”

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Don’t ask me what that is supposed to mean. Its one of the many titles I have earned from my friends.

Apparently, I “have a 360 degree radar for love”.

Like I said, don’t ask me what that means.

More than finding it objectionable, I find it hilarious and intriguing! Enough to merit a blogpost i say!! 🙂

I would agree that I seem to get along better with women, than with guys.  I definitely have more female “friends”.  And no, not as many “ummfriends“.

And as much as I would love/hate to be one, I am no “man-slut” either.

I wonder why it is then that throughout my short adult life, I have been linked with soooooooooo many girls/women, with whom I share absolutely no chemistry and have absolutely no interest in pursuing anything beyond a strictly platonic relationship in the first place! And believe you me when I say this, I am finding out more and more about my supposed “link-ups” every week!

Is this a particularly Indian trait? Of attaching undue importance to any opposite gender relationship (whether real or imaginary)? Are Indian men genuinely that bad, that even a friendly “hi-hello” with a reasonably attractive woman seems to them (and the other females, whose expectations have been reduced to hopeless levels) to be absolutely unquestionable proof of something less platonic?

Do all Indian men face this? Or am I the only one subjected to such generalizations?

Do I find many women attractive? Sure, I do. Do I flirt with all of them? OK, if you say so. Would I like to have anything serious with anybody at this point in life? Sure, I would. Do I have anything serious going on at the moment? Hmm.

The most commonly recurring theme in my life story seems to be of me finding a smart, sexy, fire-works inducing female, and then finding out that she doesn’t have any game. The “smart” part is an illusion. The “sexy” part,  limited. The “fire-works”, a drab, fizzling out affair. And me getting bored. Usually within 2 dates.

The 2nd most commonly recurring theme in my life story seems to be of me finding a smart, sexy, fire-works inducing female, and then finding out that she is in some other city. Or moving to one in a month.

Am I being too picky? Maybe.

Am I going to change? Not in this lifetime.