You Too Starting Ze Blogz?

Why am i starting a blog?

Well, for starters, this seems to be the final frontier when it comes to freedom of speech. All other media are apparently faced with some form of restriction or the other, whether self-imposed or not. Even governments / government institutions pretending to keep the “public’s best interest” at heart, put restrictions on our freedom of speech.

Besides, anything as entertaining as the upcoming elections in “the world’s biggest democracy” can hardly be ignored/not commented upon! Like the millions of educated brainwashed Indians, I too believe that my word truly has some worth. That I too shall make a difference. That my vote too counts. That there are honest politicians still alive in some corner somewhere. That India too will change. That we will script the changes.

(Cue “Hum honge kaamyaab… hum honge kaamyaab… hum honge kaamyaab… EK DINNN…”)

I am actually not that pessimistic in real life… Those of you who know me, would probably describe me as a fun-loving guy who gets bored too easily. “Restless” is the word I would use. Also, “hungry”.

This blog is also supposed to be my attempt at chronicling the life and times of the Great <insert any of my 27 nicknames here>. Otherwise, when I sit down to pen my memoirs, it will probably contain only 2 days worth of memories. (I have activated the auto-delete feature on my memory. What?? You don’t have it?? Tsk tsk… it only comes with the latest models… go get yours upgraded!)

I got to go now. I dont remember why.


One Response to “You Too Starting Ze Blogz?”

  1. I like the post JakBoB….very you 🙂

    U shld join the millions who think there are enough honest politicians in this country to make a change…all of u psychos with delusions of hope.

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